PORLWI – Target Achieved

“More than 4,000 trees have been planted on the Citadel with Friends of the Environment organisation in collaboration with the Currimjee Foundation and FORENA,” says Naziha Mestaoui for the One Beat One TreeTwo years later, the result is absolutely staggering.


Some trees are already over 2m and the flanks of the Citadel of Port-Louis have changed face. She says that very soon, the project participants will receive an email in which they can follow up the evolution of the planting site since 2017.
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Restoring Native Flora

The progressive reforestation of the Citadel is now one of the association’s flagship activities, alongside projects to restore historic heritage, including the Martello Tower at La Preneuse and the Jewish Refugee Memorial at Saint Martin.


In the 18th century, when the Fort was built, the vegetation was removed so that, perched on the Fort, the English soldiers had a clear vision of any potential threats, explains Erwin Amavassee, Project Coordinator. Continue reading

Sponsors Wanted

Friends of the Environment, a non-governmental organisation, has been working since 2006 to restore the site around the Fort Adelaïde, a.k.a Citadel of Port-Louis. The project is about recreating the ecological landscape of the Citadel for environmental, touristic and cultural purposes.

Citadelle Fort

After  further research works, the non-governmental organisation began planting a native dry forest on 9 hectares around the Citadel Fort, according to Erwin Amavassee, coordinator of this project.
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Trump Forest

Trump Forest was founded in March 2017 by British climate scientist Dr Dan Price, American PhD candidate Jeff Willis and French-New Zealander Adrien Taylor; and it is a global forest to offset the Trump Administration’s climate change ignorance.

Trump Forest

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Currimjee Foundation

The Currimjee Foundation, in collaboration with the non-governmental organization Friends of the Environment, has since 2015 launched the Citadelle Native Re-vegetation Project at the Petite-Montagne to restore the native biodiversity surrounding the fort.


2018 will set the culmination of a three-year project involving the planting of more than 3,000 plants over an area of ​​one hectare on the northern flanks of the hill.  Continue reading